The Need for ‘Solvers’

Solving problems in society has always been a challenge to mankind. Despite many interventions, there seems to be newer problems arising due to changing patterns in society. Governments and NGOs have been doing their best to solve these challenges, but yet there is an urgent need for an effective problem solving mechanism within the country.

The Solution – Social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs see the unmet needs and societal problems as opportunities for a changed world. Social entrepreneurs have a major role to play in reshaping society through their passionate, realistic, innovative, and effective problem solving strategies. What India needs is an army of social entrepreneurs and change makers, trying to solve the issues across our villages and cities, and resolving to build a vibrant and shining India within the next decade.

Centre for Social Initiative and Management is a project of ManyHands Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Centre for Social Initiative and Management is a pioneer in offering social entrepreneurship training programs in India that ensures, and enhances the quality of delivery in social change agents. Centre for Social Initiative and Management pursues this mission by offering a wide range of training programs that advocates the principles and practices of social entrepreneurship.

Thus, Centre for Social Initiative and Management steps in with Social Entrepreneurship to:

  • enroll, discover, and shape Social Entrepreneurs early in their life cycle
  • support the process of Social Entrepreneurship in small and medium NGOs
  • provide a Volunteer Constituency to Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs