The Intense Program towards Extraordinary Leadership ( Invite Only )

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The world is yours to change. We’re here to help.

When you aim to solve big problems, you need to have the right tools to be successful. With a nomination to the Intense Program, you’ll be able to operate more easily, collaborate more efficiently, and share your solution with a wider audience.

Social Entrepreneurs see a problem in the world and build something to fix it and #SocEnt ’s are gaining international attention motivated by their desire for change and to see the world as it can be. To equip social entrepreneurs and change makers like you with the tools to change the world, Centre for Social Initiative and Management and iOwn – a Social Development Initiative by Inspire Coaching Systems and Erickson Coaching International, are offering select Social Entrepreneurs an opportunity to champion various causes by leveraging the power of conversation and bringing change and scale at their respective Social Enterprise.

As a recognised social enterprise expert, we’ve walked the talk in this emerging industry. and with almost two decades of experience launching and managing social enterprises, we now want to share the very best tools, resources and knowledge with you.

From your experiences as a Social Entrepreneur, it must be evident beyond doubt, that one of the most critical success factors for organisations to grow and prosper, especially the ones committed to social missions, is EXTRAORDINARY LEADERSHIP. Social enterprises need leaders who are not only visionaries but who can juggle myriad responsibilities of organisations as it ramps up. This invite only ‘Intense Program’ is a pro bono professional offering, where we connect the best coaches with high-impact NGOs and social enterprises working to create social change.
This 2 month intensive program will kick off in Bangalore from 25-27 August 2017. This will be followed up with 1 to 1 sessions during the following 8 weeks.

The intervention is designed and delivered in three phases including two workshops and 6 one on one Coaching Sessions, comprising of the following:

Phase I: Progressive Leadership
Organisations need to be ‘Built to Change’ in order to create value at the sustainable basis. Understanding the forces driving change, and visualising opportunities. Creating conditions that enable transparency and agility in people whilst simultaneously managing continuity; fostering behaviours, attitudes and performance metrics that
promote a culture of Strategic Leadership and sustained value creation for their comrades and employees. The performance of an organisation is a reflection of who you are as a Leader. A leader is not what he does, rather who is. The essence of this intervention is “Who you are is how you Lead.”

This workshop addresses Four Imperatives of Leadership as mentioned below:
– Inspire Trust
– Clarify Purpose
– Energize Business
– Harness the Potential

This program will help participants:
– Know ‘Self’ and ‘Others’ better to realign interpersonal perceptions
– Understand the need to move from managerial mindset to a Strategic Mindset there by taking necessary risks to deliver even better performance
– Be agile and discover their own Unique Contribution in their respective roles, departments and as an organization
– Create an (Own- Dare- Deliver) ODD Culture of Trust, Transparency and Appreciation
– Bring in necessary changes in their existing ways of working (In mindset/ tool set/ skills set) and get aligned

Phase II: One-on-one Coaching
In between phase I and Phase III, all the members would experience six coaching sessions one-on-one, from a certified Coach to create awareness about their own anxieties and enable them to over come themselves. The coaching session would primarily focus on helping them develop one area, and get themselves aligned with their organization and deal with their own challenges.
– Participants to keep journal to document their own journey within and without

Phase III: Leader as a Coach
Two-days program for the Leaders:
– Understand their team members better, and Be able to facilitate, guide, and lead a dialogue in one-on-one or group settings
– Understand the role and responsibility of a Co-Leader
– Think, Listen and Speak like a Leader who could BE a Growth partner
– Delegate effectively and give constructive feedback

All organisations, applying, MUST be registered and be validated as a non-profit organisation and should also be willing to undertake a brief interview by Centre for Social Initiative and Management to validate the non-profit charitable organisation’s status and to prove that the organisation is in good standing.

Coaching is based on a partnership that involves supporting and challenging opportunities to team members. Knowing how and when to coach is an essential skill that can benefit both you and your organisation. This program will help you become a better Social Entrepreneur in all senses of the word.

By strategically combining the power of our programmes we will provide unique expertise and offer high-impact solutions to tackle social issues and increase the scale of operations.

Take the next step.

We understand that making a difference takes hard work and dedication everyday. Enrol now to see how your nomination to this program can help you grow your reach so you can stay focused on fixing big world problems.

During the course of the program the following will be covered:

– Understand how coaching can be used to develop your team.
– Develop the coaching skills that help improve individual performance.
– Demonstrate the behaviours and practices of an effective coach.
– Recognise employees’ strengths and give them the feedback they need to succeed.
– Identify employee problems and ways you can help to correct them.

– Access to qualified and experienced professional coaches.
– Best in class processes to track progress of each change maker, as we use latest realtime tools technology to monitor progress and impact.
– Multi-fold return on investment (RoI) as there is no financial investment from your side.
– Act as a sounding board.

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