The Centre for Social Initiative and Management offers the Ignite program for people interested in learning about and developing innovative solutions to the world’s  ‘Grand Challenges’: the tough, seemingly unsolvable problems facing humanity (climate change, effective education, food insecurity, lack of access to clean water and energy, improper sanitation, gender empowerment, racial inequality).

We offer courses, study programs, fellowships and competitions that give students the opportunity to:
– Explore and understand real world challenges
– Develop skills to design innovative, scalable, impactful and financially-viable solutions to a problem
– Become effective in project-based teamwork, leadership, and interdisciplinary collaboration
– Secure financial resources to collaborate with domestic and international mentors and experts to help develop solutions beyond the course.

Learn more about Centre for Social Initiative and Management’s history and philosophy. Centre for Social Initiative and Management staff selectively engage with other organizations with synergistic missions. This can take the form of more traditionally funded university programs or informal work with impact entrepreneurs. An example of the former is the The College of Wooster (Ohio) – funded Global Social Entrepreneurship program. This program is focused on promoting global citizenship and social entrepreneurship. It provides a transformative learning experience for students, faculty and staff from the The College of Wooster (Ohio) in understanding developmental work being carried out in India that is scalable and replicable for the problems of the world.

Centre for Social Initiative and Management’s role is to provide impact entrepreneurship training to students in these universities. Locally, Centre for Social Initiative and Management does informal reviews and consulting with social entrepreneurs and other change makers. These are done on a case by case basis. If interested, please contact us directly.