What is Social Accounting and Audit

Social Accounting and Audit (SAA), is a framework of accountability developed voluntarily by an organization to define its alignment with its mission and to understand how it has performed in relation to this mission. It is applicable across organizations from charities to social enterprises, and can be adapted to audit ‘mission’ compliance of organization as well as individual projects. Both in terms of scope and scale it is a flexible and adaptable tool that allows organizations to ‘prove and improve’ performance.

Understanding the growing need for adopting such tools amongst the development professionals as well as organizations, CSIM is presently partnering with Social Audit Network (SAN), UK to establish a support system that will encourage the practice of Social accounting and Audit among NGOs, Social enterprises, and CSR departments in corporates in India.

Simply put, Social Accounting systems analyse the Social, Economic and Environmental impact of an organization and report upon it. This report is then presented to and verified by a representative Social Audit Panel, which then certifies the social accounts. This report enables organsiations to account for its social performance, report on that performance and draw up an action plan to improve, through which it can understand its impact on the community and be accountable to its key stakeholders.

CSIM as your Organisation’s Social Auditor


As a pilot step in the direction, CSIM has a two year engagement with SAN, UK funded by Lloyds TSB, Scotland to exercise the practice of Social Audit amongst 20 organizations in India. In the first year, a cluster of 10 organizations has adopted the practice and have got their social accounts audited. The following organizations have written their Social accounts which were duly audited by Auditors from SAN, UK in October – November 2009.

  1. Fullerton India Credit Company, a for-profit financial services company headquartered at Mumbai.
  2. Department of Social Inititatives – CSR project of Forbes Marshall, Pune
  3. Dr Reddys Foundation for Health & Education, CSR project of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad
  4. Industree Crafts Private Limited, a social enterprise in Bangalore,
  5. Industree Crafts Foundation, Bangalore
  6. Confederation of Indian Organisations for Service & Advocacy (CIOSA), an NGO network in Chennai
  7. Sri Arunodayam Charitble Trust, a home for the mentally challenged children in Chennai
  8. Centre for British Teachers, an NGO in Hyderabad
  9. Madhuram Narayan Centre, a school for the mentally challenged children in Chennai.

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