How to become a Social Auditor ?

A vital element of social accounting is that it is quality assured; the audited social accounts should be verified by an external, SAN approved Social Auditor who will issue a statement. Their work is checked by the Social Audit Network.

  1. Write social accounts and panel: The applicant should have prepared social accounts for an organization defended them to a Social Audit Panel.
  2. Training program: He/She should have attended SAN approved trainingand must be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the social accounting and audit process.
  3. Attend panel meeting and take shadow notes Applicants must also attend a SAN Social Auditor workshop and attend at least two Social Audit Panels in some capacity. For one of these they should arrange to write a set of Social Audit Panel notes to be critically reviewed by the panel chair.
  4. Mentor Finally, applicants should chair a first Social Audit Panel with an auditor from the SAN India register acting as mentor.
  5. Recommended If the applicant is recommended for approval by his/her mentor ,the final decision is made by the SAN committee